How You Have Helped Fight The Beast

2015 Big Freeze Results

A brief update for the #FreezeMND army. How you are helping us make a real difference.

We say this often here at the foundation – we truly believe that the community has great power to change the prognosis of Motor Neurone Disease. Our goal to end MND is very ambitious, but through your support we can transform the scientific advances made by our researchers into life changing therapies and bring real hope via clinical trials to patients today.

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Success of the #FreezeMND Army

We pursue our goals with the utmost respect and admiration of our donors by operating at the bare minimum of administrative costs, and our board is comprised of 100% volunteers with no salaries. Each member of the board is fighting MND on not only the public front through the foundation, but also on a very personal level. Thanks to all of you, the #FreezeMND army, during last year’s inaugural Big Freeze at the G, we raised over $2.5 million.

An amazing achievement, and we are proud to announce that every single cent raised by you last year has gone directly into fighting the Beast:

  • Earlier this year the foundation announced the funding of not one but two clinical trials of potential therapies for Australian MND patients starting this year. Costing over $1million to get underway, these trials will for once bring real hope to Aussie MND sufferers, both those diagnosed now and in the future. You can read more about these trials here.
  • We continue to fund the best and brightest MND researchers in Australia in collaborative and large scale research projects aimed at solving the disease. This year we have committed $1.75 million to our researchers. You can read more about this research here. 

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